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(/ærɪˈstiː.ə/; Ancient Greek: ἀριστεία, IPA)
plural aris
teias\-(ˌ)tē, -ˌtī


: an act of excellence
: the apex of heroism found in the Iliad and other epic poems of Ancient Greece

About Us

We are an alternative asset manager and SEC-registered Investment Adviser dedicated to producing absolute returns through relative value investment strategies, primarily in the corporate credit markets.

Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns

In our over 25 years in business, we have consistently delivered superior, risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

Our investment approach is grounded in the principle that details drive alpha and is designed to uncover opportunities where others may not look.

We believe in active portfolio management with the goal of producing attractive, risk-adjusted returns in all credit spread environments. We do this by creating an alpha-focused portfolio that combines deeply researched idiosyncratic investments with a dynamic hedging program, seeking to:

Combine deep fundamental research and trading expertise with extensive risk systems and technology.

Capture upside through aggressive pursuit of opportunities that exhibit attractive risk/reward.

Minimize downside through dynamic exposure adjustment and comprehensive risk control.

Integrate robust ESG analytics to assess and understand a broader spectrum of risks and opportunities, where appropriate.

Fusion of Fundamental
Research and Technology


We integrate deep fundamental research with advanced trading expertise. We supplement this with robust risk systems and an extensive technology platform developed and refined over multiple decades. These powerful, proprietary tools and data warehouses enhance our ability to source, screen, sort, and analyze the best investment opportunities.


Our proprietary technology infrastructure assists the investment team on universe valuation, idea generation, and risk management, and is quickly adaptable to dynamic market conditions. Our analytic framework requires processing a large amount of complex data.

In The Office


We utilize our proprietary technology and extensive fundamental research capability to invest in a variety of corporate credit opportunities.


We seek to capitalize on a variety of attractive idiosyncratic opportunities across many different strategies. This leads to a dynamic portfolio with material strategy shifts toward what we believe to be the best opportunities.




We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and the highest professional standards, and a culture that champions integrity, curiosity, and respect.

We encourage a culture that values teamwork and the sharing of ideas, and we strive to create a collaborative and intellectually rigorous work environment.


We believe that our core mission of seeking to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors is enhanced through the integration of ESG factors into our investment and risk processes.


We are a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and we recognize that ESG issues affect security valuations and have the potential to drive increased volatility in the securities of issuers perceived as deficient on these issues.

Social Impact

We are committed to principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”). We strongly believe that continuing to build a more diverse workforce drives innovation, improves financial performance, and results in a net positive for our firm and our investors.


We strive to maintain an inclusive and equitable work environment for all of our employees and to build a firm that better reflects the diversity in the world in which we live, while also doing our part to help eliminate persistent inequities in our industry. 

Industry Engagement and Partnership

In addition to internal efforts to meet DEI commitments, we seek to partner with high-quality external organizations advancing these important initiatives. The firm is a proud sponsor of these organizations:

PRI Logo
Women In Finance
BLK Capital Management
SASB Alliance Member


We have built a deep, integrated staff of investment and operational personnel. Our dedicated team has extensive experience in the areas in which they operate.  Over one-third of our employees have worked together at Aristeia for more than a decade and have successfully navigated a variety of market environments.

Aristeia partners and employees have been and continue to be one of our largest investor groups, closely aligning our interests with those of our clients.

Anthony M. Frascella

Managing Partner, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Investment Officer

Andrew G. Anderson


William R. Techar

Managing Partner
and Co-Chief Investment Officer

Robert H. Lynch, Jr.

Managing Partner, Co-Founder
and Chief Risk Officer

Andrew B. David

Partner, Chief Operating Officer,
Chief Compliance Officer

and General Counsel

Robert A. Dorfman

Partner and Portfolio Manager

Jacob R. Mazotas


Steven L. Robinson


Kevin C. Toner

Co-Founder and Retired Partner

tier one
tier 2
tier 3



>  Aristeia founded, launching            with $8.8 million



Our Locations

Aristeia is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut and has an additional office in New York City. We have been registered as an Investment Adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission since 2005.

Map Of CT


One Greenwich Plaza

Suite 300

Greenwich, CT 06830

+1 (203) 622-2700

Map of NY State

New York

1140 Avenue of the Americas 

20th Floor

New York, NY 10036

+1 (212) 842-8900

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