Aristeia Capital | Team
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Aristeia is led by its three Managing Partners:


Co-Founder and Co-Chief Investment Officer – Anthony M. Frascella
Co-Chief Investment Officer – William R. Techar
Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer – Robert H. Lynch, Jr.

Tony Frascella 1

Anthony M. Frascella

Anthony M. Frascella

Co-Chief Investment Officer,
Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Bill Techar 1

William R. Techar

William R. Techar

Co-Chief Investment Officer, Managing Partner

Rob Lynch 1

Robert H. Lynch, Jr.

Robert H. Lynch, Jr.

Chief Risk Officer, Co-Founder, Managing Partner

The Aristeia Partnership also includes Andrew Anderson,
Andrew David, Robert Dorfman, and Steven Robinson.

Andrew Anderson – Senior Analyst, Partner

Andrew B. David – Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, Partner

Robert Dorfman – Portfolio Manager, Partner

Steven Robinson – Senior Analyst, Partner

Kevin Toner  – Co-Founder, Retired Partner